How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Picture this: you have just applied and created a gorgeous new full set on a client, for the same client to come back in just under a week for a touch-up. If you've been in a similar situation where a brand new lash set has suddenly disappeared - then you're not alone! Because not many are aware of specific rules when it comes to eyelash extensions and their proper use. 


In today's article, let's look at a topic most of our clients have wondered about before - how long do eyelash extensions last? From the natural growth cycle of the lash to conditioners and touch-ups, let's discuss it all! And by the end of our article, you'll have a few tips and tricks to teach your clients for long-lasting lashes!


What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Before we get to the actual science behind the growth cycle of our natural hairs, let's first see what eyelash extensions really are. Newcomers and lash beginners are often confused and misled about what eyelash extensions are and the process behind creating the stunning looks. To put it simply, lash extensions are semi-permanent hair fibers that are applied and glued onto each individual natural lash. The fibers can be synthetic, mink, or silk. Depending on the client's personal preference, or style, each lash can hold up to 1 to 10 lash fibers. Think of it as a suit of armor wrapped around your natural lashes, giving them a gorgeous appearance and that extra pizazz. 


You, being an experienced lash technician, already know all of this. But to lash beginners, it's important to provide the necessary information so the clients know how to look after their extensions and make them last longer. This brings us to our next topic. 


The Application Process of Lash Extensions

Not many clients and customers realize that the application process and the duration of eyelash extensions go hand-in-hand. Let us explain why. To create gorgeous and breathtaking lashes, we must first glue in one extension at a time. For this process, lash technicians place the eyelash glue to the base of the natural lashes. And that's how the fiber hairs are applied to the client's lashes. 


If the application process isn't as seamless as we would like to be, there is a higher chance for the lashes to fall out prematurely. And there are a couple of reasons why this may happen to a client. For example, not using enough cyanoacrylate adhesive or applying too many synthetic fibers to each natural lash can lead to fallout. No matter how delicately or masterfully we apply the lashes, it's crucial for the glue to properly dry and for the lashes to withstand the weight of the fibers.


How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Now, let's discuss the topic on everyone's mind - how long do eyelash extensions last, and what is the real reason behind their fallout? When it comes to the duration of extensions, it all depends on the natural hair cycle of the natural lashes. Just like any other hair follicle on our body, our lashes also go through phases and stages of hair growth and fallout. This cycle is known as the natural growth cycle, and it lasts around 6 to 8 weeks. 


Around the 6th week mark, our natural lashes may experience fallout or shedding, which is completely normal. Now, think of it from a client's point of view. As their extensions are glued onto their natural lashes, when these lashes shed - the extensions follow as well. This is why lash technicians are ready to set up new appointments and sessions weeks in advance. Educating our clientele about the life cycle of natural lashes is just part of understanding the science behind eyelash extensions and the entire process experience. 



What Causes Pre-mature Lash Fall-Out?

As eyelash extensions depend on the life cycle of a natural eyelash, our clients should expect some fallout 5 to 7 weeks after their sessions. Nevertheless, we still see our customers running back to the salon hoping for new touch-ups. This happens as a result of the few factors that can influence the life expectancy of lash extensions. Some factors can lead to premature shedding, while others can help those stunning eyelashes last longer. Let's begin by looking at what can cause the extensions to fall out early, weeks before their next set appointment. 


If your client has experienced premature shedding that leaves massive gaps around the lash line, chances are they didn't start the aftercare process soon enough.


Apart from not getting the lash extensions wet or moist for the first two days, educating our clients about oil-free makeup products is also important. As oils naturally break down the chemical composition of the glue, it's best to stay away from products that may interfere with the adherence of the lash extensions.



How To Make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Now that we know what might cause premature shedding, it's time to see what your clients can do to help their extensions last longer. Apart from keeping their lashes away from moisture, it's imperative for your customers to upkeep their daily eyelash aftercare. This means - having a proper daily cleansing and brushing routine. 


When the correct aftercare regime and routines are set in place, it helps the lash extensions to stay clean longer. The truth is, no matter how careful your clients and customers are, the lash extensions naturally become exposed to various chemicals that can cause massive build-up. Whether it's eyeliner, foundation, or even eye creams, the lash fibers can become weak against these factors. As time goes by, the glue may begin to break down and lead to premature fallout. That is why it's paramount that you educate your clientele about the proper lash aftercare process. 


If your clients want their beautiful extensions to stay longer, all they'll need to do is to cleanse their eyes every day, using special lash cleansers, and brush them out gently afterward. Clean mascara wands and lash brushes are great tools to eliminate unnecessary build-up and keep the lashes from clumping to one another. No one wants spider lashes, right? 


Another great tip to making the eyelashes last longer is to warn your clients about not picking or pulling at the extensions. Too much force, harsh handling, or rubbing can disturb the synthetic fibers' adherence and attachment to the natural lashes. And so, while our clients and lash lovers may have the urge to pull at the flail extension, it's essential for them to stay pull-free until their next lash appointment. 




Regular Lash Appointments

And this brings us to the last topic of our article. If your customers are devoted to having breathtaking and jaw-droppingly luscious lashes, you as a lash technician should inform your clientele about regular lash appointments and sessions. As the natural lashes go through their life cycles, our clients are bound to show up with lash shedding. By setting up regular appointments and sessions, our clients won't have to experience the unattractive gaps created by the extension fallouts. 

A great way to upkeep these schedules is to set the following appointments before your clients leave the salon. Soon enough, setting up sessions will become second nature, as your clientele won't be able to wait until their next touch-up and glam-up meeting. 

And don't forget to inform your customers about some of the tips and tricks for making their lash extensions last longer. After all, what's better than having gorgeous lashes? The answer - Gorgeous lashes that last longer and don't fall out before their intended time.



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