Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Let's admit it. There's nothing better than creating gorgeous eyelash extensions on clients and seeing their excited faces and expressions. From the simplest of single-layer add-ons to fuller Russian mega volume lashes, there is something about lash extensions that make us feel so confident. But as everyone knows, eyelash extensions aren't permanent and need proper care. 


That is why it's important to educate your clientele about correct aftercare steps and rules. I mean, who doesn't want their lashes to last longer and look stunning even after a few weeks? So, in this article, let's look at all the steps to proper eyelash extension aftercare and how you can inform your trusted clientele about this process. 


No Water for 24 Hours

The first step in proper lash extension aftercare begins in the beauty salon chair. As we know, applying eyelash glue is imperative to create gorgeous lash sets. But it's also important not to mess with the chemical process and reaction of this glue. Why you may ask? Because even the slightest exposure to water or moisture can cause your new lashes to fall off. And that's the last thing our clients want! But here is what your clients need to know to avoid this undesired problem. 


Once the lash extensions have been glued on, it's crucial to avoid all contact with water and moisture for 24 hours. This means - no hot showers, no trips to the pool, and no heavy physical exercise, as sweat can also interfere with the new lashes. And so, with this in mind, make sure your clients know about the 24 hour-rule of lashes. We know it can be somewhat challenging to go 24 hours without washing our faces or showers, but hey, it's all in the name of stunning eyelashes.


Daily Eyelash Cleansing

Up next, let's go over the step many lash techs will consider to be the most important and the most overlooked - daily eyelash cleansing. Just like our faces, our lash extensions need to be adequately cleaned and cleansed. And here's why.


Picture this - you have had a pretty busy day, running errands or hanging out with friends. As time goes by, our new set of lashes become exposed to all sorts of build-up, whether it's our natural oils or the chemicals from our makeup products. All of this can actually cause the lash glue to break down, which can lead to premature lash fallout.


But that's not all! If not cleansed properly, the natural oils from our eyelids can be the cause of certain eye infections, known as Blepharitis or Conjunctivitis. And that is something our trusted clients absolutely do not want! 


So, what can they do about it? Let's begin by educating our clientele about the daily eyelash cleansing routine. With the help of quality cleansers, lash lovers can properly clean and get rid of excess build-up. But you also need to remind your clients not to use oil-based cleansers, as it can defeat the whole process of avoiding oils near the lashes. 


Cleansing Eyelashes

Now that your clients know about the importance of daily eyelash cleanses, it's time to break down how it should be done. For this step, all that's needed is a eyelash brush or a clean disposable mascara wand, and a cleanser.


Using very gentle motions, the brush and cleanser should work together to get rid of unnecessary and unwanted chemicals. Your customers can start by taking small amounts of the cleanser and applying them to the lashes. With small circular motions, the cleanser can cover the entire eye area, ensuring all the corners are properly cleaned. And finally, the brush wands can separate each lash and help cleanse the lash extension. As the bristles of the eyelash brush are very thin, they can quickly get to the smaller nooks of the lashes. 


Dry The Lashes 

When cleansing the lashes, your customers may come across another problem - using too much product! If excess pumps of cleanser are used, the lash extensions can become moist, and that's the opposite of what we want! And so, when discussing the proper lash aftercare, your clients should get informed to remove any excess water or moisture when cleansing the lashes.


A small towel can do wonders when it comes to unwanted water droplets. Just by using light tap motions, the towel can soak up any leftover moisture on the lashes. But it's important to tell your clients not to rub their eyes when performing this step. Rubbing motions can interfere with the lash glue integrity and make the lash extensions susceptible to damage and even fall out. Once the towel does its magic, the lashes will go on to dry naturally. 


No Heat Exposure

Surprisingly enough, lash extensions also hate to be exposed to heat. Along with knowing the risks of excess moisture, we must also warn our clients about the dangers of heat exposure.


You see, when you come in contact with too much heat or high-intensity warmth, your new lash set can actually begin to stick together. Heat exposure will go on to melt the synthetic lashes, making them adhere to one another. And that's how our customers end up with spider-looking lashes!


But, now you might be wondering, what's considered high-intensity warmth or too much heat? The number one culprit for heat exposure is the good-old hairdryer.


New clients or beginners often don't realize that holding the hairdryer too close to the face can actually cause the synthetic fibers of the lashes to melt. That's why we must warn our customers to use low heat when drying their hair and not to get close to the face and eye area.


But hair dryers aren't the only devices that can create spider lashes—getting too close to the oven when cooking or baking can have the same effects and results. And so, while we all love to cook delicious dinners and meals, it's important to know the consequences of spending too much time near the heat.  


Silk Pillowcases

It's no secret that switching from cotton or nylon pillowcases to silk or satin ones can be extremely beneficial to our hair. Thanks to silk pillowcases, we can say goodbye to frizzy or dull hairstyles, as well as face wrinkles! But did you know, making the switch can also help our lashes stay longer?  


No Mascara or Makeup

 Along with mascara, it's suggested not to use any makeup products near the eye area. When it comes to oil-based cosmetics, such as foundations, concealers, or gel eyeliners, these products should be avoided at all costs. Instead, your clientele can opt for oil-free and water-based makeup, as not to damage the lash extensions. 


Regular Touch-Ups

And the last critical step every client should know about - is to have regular touch-ups and appointments. Even the highest quality lash extensions can only last about 4 to 6 weeks before needing a fill.


Newcomers to the lash world are often misinformed about the importance of having regular lash sessions. Synthetic lashes tend to fall out daily, and that's why most lash technicians recommend having touch-ups every 2 to 3 weeks. By creating organized session schedules, your clients and customers won't have to experience significant fallouts or giant gaps in their lashes. Not to mention how satisfied they'll be with their brand new lash set! 



And there we have it! The best eyelash extension aftercare tips and steps every client and customer should know. To wrap up our article, make sure your clients avoid moisture for the first 24 hours, they don't receive too much heat exposure and cleanse their lashes every day. Thanks to these necessary steps and helpful tips, your clients will maintain stunning lashes, as their trust in your expertise and experience will expand. And that is why it's paramount for you to spread the knowledge of proper lash aftercare!