About Us

When I first got into the lash world, great products were hard to come by. And when I found those great products, it seemed that the product would get worse each time I got a new shipment!

That is where my creativity and love for eyelash extensions motivated me to start my own business to provide a quality product. Our goal is to provide the highest quality lash extension products to all the hard working lash technicians out there that have no time to waste on poor quality.

Here at Jolynn Lashes my goal is to provide the highest quality products to serve those striving lash technicians in our industry. I have gone through trial and error trying to find the best lash fans, glue, tweezers, and everything a lash tech needs to succeed in this ever competitive and growing lash industry. I've done all the research so you can save more time and money focusing on what's important, your craft, and getting more clients for your business!

Jolynn Lashes