How Much Do Lash Techs Make?

How Much Do Lash Techs Make?

How Much Do Lash Techs Make?

Eyelash extensions are in high demand right now and don't show any signs of leaving popular culture soon. With celebrities and influencers posting videos and reviews of their favorite boutiques and professionals, many young women are discovering the variety of benefits of getting luxurious eyelash extensions.

The hot question on every beauty technicians' mind is, how much can I personally make doing eyelash extensions? The answer is way more than you thought, especially if you're trained with some experience in the field. There are several things to consider when exploring how to grow as a young businesswoman.

Take a look at the thriving eyelash extension market, what you can expect as a lash technician from your clients and your business and how to expand and make more money with your valuable time.

Eyelash Extension Market

The market for eyelash extensions and for young beauticians who can complete them is booming with life and desire. More women want to feel good about themselves and their looks without having to go through the ridiculous costs and unfortunate drawbacks of Botox or other similar cosmetic surgeries. Eyelash extension is a perfect budget middle ground for those who want the confidence of their favorite influencers and celebrities without the huge bill.

Eyelash extensions are cheaper, more convenient and more people than ever are searching online for local professionals to try out. This is allowing new lash technicians on the scene a lot of opportunities to expand their marketing to women of all ages. This industry's huge boom in fame has sparked waves of new interested clients around the world and especially in North America.

Along with the initial cost of this beauty procedure, lash techs can put out inspiring complementary items to help with lash aftercare and ensure the best lash look lasts longer. Aftercare packages and products are a great way to bring the client back again in a month for a renewal and to market your business to your client's friends and family.


How To Get More Clients For Your Lash Business?

Many established lash technicians gain their clients from their websites and/or blogs where they post customer reviews and videos of the actual lash extensions.
This personal social media presence allows aspiring and established lash technicians to reach out to clients on a one-on-one level and talk to them about their business. It also allows potentially nervous clients an inside look at the safe and clean procedure and its many fabulous benefits.

The majority of eyelash technicians today use social media like Instagram, Facebook and now even Tik Tok to find their customers, allowing potential interested clients a full view of the market. An online platform allows for trends and unlimited exposure, with infinite opportunities for videos, pictures and DMs.

What Is A Lash Artists Average Salary?

Most lash technicians in this market can make around $50,000 a year with an hourly rage between $20-$25. There are endless opportunities to increase this to over $100,000 with experience and by improving your marketing!

The market for eyelash extensions is thriving across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram with the need for new, trained professionals increasing constantly. A huge growth trend is heading this way, and you need to be ready to take on those extra clients and be as profitable as possible with your time and expertise!

What To Expect As A Lash Artist

Eyelash technicians can range from people who have recently graduated their cosmetology programs to those who have ten or fifteen years of experience. There are many factors to consider when planning your future profits and business location, from your personal experience level to the building you operate out of.

Starting first with experience, 25% of lash technicians have worked in the field for at least five years and almost 75% are a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Your required certifications may depend on individual state or city-level jurisdictions that require a certain amount of education before you can professionally practice.

How Much Should I Charge As a Lash Artist?

The more experienced you are in eyelash extensions, the more you should charge and the higher your overall profits will be. The average lash extension price from a fill to a full set varies widely across the board, with a general range being- $40 to more than $200. The higher the cost, the higher the quality a client is going to expect from their lash tech.

Your experience should be used in the fullest when deciding prices and what services to provide. Compare prices with other trusted friends and experienced eyelash technicians in the area and do some research about the demographics of your city and state. Many eastern and western coastal states in the United States are seen as areas with the highest price markets, meaning you should price yourself competitively if you live in one of them.

Other states in the center or south of the country have lesser price points, and if you price yourself too high, you'll be more likely to struggle or lose business and be unable to compete with other locals. Business in bigger cities should be generally charged higher than business in rural areas or suburbs. Knowing the average client walking through your door is essential in being able to gauge what they're looking for and what other lash techs they have to choose from.

Are You Working From A Salon, Office Or From Home?

Another good point to consider is where or under what business or company you're working for. While some of you may work in salons or under a larger company, others work from their offices or homes. The goal should always be to provide a quality, relaxing experience that a client will want to return to.

Uplifting your work area into a calming and peaceful environment backs up your professionalism and your ability to provide quality lashes. A boutique or salon isn't necessary to ensure clients are satisfied with their service as long as you're willing to put in the extra effort to provide a restful and pleasant appointment for every client on your table.

By knowing the market and your clientele, you're empowering yourself as a lash technician to maximize your gains. Every lash tech is different, but by knowing your location, the local clientele and the value of your experience, you'll be able to increase your profits and your overall satisfaction with your job.

How To Make More Money Doing Eyelash Extensions

Starting a business can be a terrifying venture with a whole lot of overwhelming and sometimes wrong information on the web and advice being given via social media and from family and friends. It's incredibly important not to force your business into a shape it can't hold and to be natural and consistent with the beauty care and support you give.

Gaining consistent clientele means you're going to get some regulars who aren't going to be happy with price rises. However, the more experience you gain, the more you should be charging because you're providing quality eyelashes at competitive prices. It may be anxiety-provoking to consider raising prices on regulars or close friends but there's a good and respectful way to earn your money and still retain clients.

A good first step is to let your clients know when you're raising your prices and why. This allows them the chance to give you feedback and also to get used to the idea of higher prices. Make sure that you're raising your prices appropriately and not entirely jumping into a new tax bracket. Too high of a jump without a good reason, and you're more likely than not to lose too many people.

You may lose some old clients with the price change, but if the transition is done right, you'll still be making more than you did before. This will also allow your social media marketing to be more exclusive, fashionable and first class. You're providing a service that you've worked to perfect and your prices reflect that. Be confident in the choices you make and the services you provide.

Consider Adding Complementary Items to your Eyelash Extension Packages.

Market them on your social media and blog as essential lash aftercare. Make sure your products are quality and lush, furthering that delicious spa feel from the actual appointment. Consider partnering with a local in the area who has a fantastic product but may not do lashes. Branch out and find partnerships that can help you thrive in the long-term.

Many eyelash technicians are trained formally in cosmetology or skin care. Try adding more services to your roster, from hydrating under eye gels to face masks and luxurious massages. Provide luxury and peace to your clients in a safe and relaxing environment. Many individuals want that spa experience without having to travel out of town or pay super high prices.

An at-home salon or office is a perfect environment to dim the lights with a few candles and play relaxing music while extending their lashes and getting their facial muscles relaxed. The only risk a client should feel in your chair is of falling asleep. There are endless services you can provide, and you'll find more exciting and fun clients as you go.

Always remember to consider the future as you make changes and stay within your service boundaries. You should be comfortable with the services you provide, and if you need to practice before adding something to your service roster, you always have friends and families who are ready to try out your new ideas.

It's a great time in the world today to be a new lash tech on the scene. There are endless opportunities and many aspiring women are jump starting lifelong careers with fantastic products and inspirational service sets. Even if you're a recent graduate or newly licensed technician, there is plenty of room in the industry for you to carve out a successful and fabulous beauty business!



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