What's The Difference Between Classic, Volume & Hybrid Lashes?

What's The Difference Between Classic, Volume & Hybrid Lashes?

What's The Difference Between Classic, Volume & Hybrid Lashes?

In today's article, we want to share with you the main differences between Classic, Volume, and Hybrid eyelash extensions. Along with their pros and cons, let's take a look at the critical details and must-know facts. Let's jump into it!



What Are Classic Lashes?

Classic Lashes
The first type of lash set we'll be exploring are classic lash extensions, famous for being the most natural-looking of them all. As the most common lash style, classic lashes are a great way to add a bit of depth to the eyes while also looking very natural and tame at the same time. 


Just like any other type of lash set, classic lashes are tiny hairs that are attached to natural lashes using adhesive. Having said that, here are the two main characteristics of classic sets every beginner should know:



Classic Lash Ratio

The reason why classic lash sets appear so natural is because of their ratio of 1:1. What does this mean? For every natural eyelash, there is one classic extension that is applied and attached. Think of it as a duplicate layer of lashes that are tightly on top of your natural eyelashes.


As only one synthetic lash is added to the natural lash, the classic lash set creates the most natural-looking style. These types of lash sets are perfect for newcomers who aren't ready to experiment with a bolder look just yet.



Classic Lash Thickness

Along with their 1:1 ratio, classic lashes are also known for their thickness. Classic lashes are the thickest extensions. Their usual sizes range from 0.10mm and 0.12mm to a maximum of 0.20mm lash thickness. 


Natural eyelashes can bear only so much weight, and that is why these thicker lashes work great with the 1:1 ratio. Even though classic sets are one-layered extensions, their total thickness allows for captivating designs and appearances. 



    - Classic eyelash extensions are often a go-to for lash beginners. Their natural appearance is very flattering and accessible. From working in a professional setting to going out with friends on a Friday night, classic eyelash extensions can suit everyone's lifestyle.

    - Another great pro is the application process. As lash artists only need to add a single synthetic lash to the natural lashes, creating classic sets doesn't take too much time. This detail also makes the classic styles the most affordable of lash sets.

    - And finally, let's mention how super comfortable they are! Without much weight or stress on the eyes, classic lash sets are a great place to begin your lash extension journey!


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            - As the most popular and common type of lash set, classic lashes can sometimes be considered boring or just not as exciting. That's why some may prefer to jump straight into a little more of a dramatic look, which we will discuss next. 



                What Are Volume Lashes?

                Volume Lashes

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                If the natural look simply doesn't match your style, then the glamorous volume lash look may be perfect for you! With a bit more drama and pizazz, volume sets create a bolder appearance. But just like classic lashes, here are the two details that differentiate the volume lashes from other sets - their versatility in ratio and their specific thickness. 


                Volume Lash Ratio

                Depending on your preference, the ratio can range between the simplest of 1:2 to the boldest 1:20. In the lash world, the number of lash fans to one natural eyelash is referred to as 2D, 5D, 10D, 15D, and so on. This means up to 20 single lashes can be combined as a fan and attached to the natural lash. 

                You might be wondering, how is this possible? Volume lashes are glued together at the base by a strong adhesive before they are applied to the natural lashes. But along with this helpful application technique, volume lash sets benefit realty from their thickness.


                Volume Lash Thickness

                Unlike classic lashes, the thickness of volume lashes are very thin. Their usual thickness ranges from 0.03 mm to a maximum of 0.07 mm. Because of how thin volume lashes are, they allow for multiple fans to be attached to individual natural lashes.


                Even though volume lashes are super fine and delicate, there are still a few application rules that exist. The thicker the volume fan, the less number of extensions can be attached to one lash and vice-versa. So, 4D lashes can be as thick as 0.10mm, but 15D lashes must be 0.03mm. 



                  - It's no secret that volume lashes create eye-catching designs and motifs. If you are looking to add a bit more energy and sparkle, then you can't go wrong with a gorgeous lash set of volume extensions. These extensions also add incredible depths and dimensions to your natural lashes. 

                  - Thanks to their versatility, volume lashes can suit anyone's preference. From simple 2D fans to mega volume lash sets of 10D and 16D, volume lash sets are very accommodating to personal style. 



                        - As more lash fans are used in the process, volume lashes are logically more time-consuming and expensive. The application process can go on to be a couple of hours, so make sure your schedule is free when you set up your lash appointment. 

                        - Attaching so many tiny and delicate fans requires expertise. Not many novice lash techs can perform such nuances, which is why volume eyelash extensions are reserved for more experienced lash technicians. 


                            What Is The Difference Between Russian And Volume Lashes?

                            Russian Volume Lash Extensions
                            Russian lashes have become a must for many lash enthusiasts and lovers. But what are Russian lashes, and what’s the main difference between Russian and Volume sets?


                            Russian lashes, a technique invented by Russian lash techs Olga Dobronravova and Irina Levchuck in 2011, are premade lash fans usually 1-2 mm longer than natural lashes. Along with a unique application technique, Russian lashes are known for their cohesive designs and finishes. 


                            The main differences between Russian and volume lashes lie in their thickness and appearance. Russian fans range between 0.05 to 0.07mm in thickness, while volume sets come much thinner starting at 0.03mm in size. As for their respective appearances, Russian lashes create fuller and uniform designs, as opposed to the more sparse finishes of volume sets. 


                            What Are Hybrid Lashes?

                            Brown eyed girl with hybrid lashes
                            And last but not least, let's take a look at hybrid lash sets. Just as the name might suggest, these types of lash sets are a perfect blend of classic and volume lash extensions. But here is what makes hybrid lashes so unique.


                            Hybrid lash sets can be a combo of 50-70% volume lashes and 30-50% of classic lashes. Meaning, your natural lashes may sport 1D classic fans or 5D fans characteristic of volume lashes. The power and creativity are entirely in your hands!




                              - One clear benefit of hybrid lashes is their unique finishes and application techniques. Say goodbye to basic lash sets, as hybrid lashes are here to save the day! Whether you have an important meeting in the morning or have to attend a lavish wedding celebration, hybrid lashes are an excellent investment for the occasion. 



                                  - Logically, more intricate designs require more expertise and experience. As hybrid lash sets are relatively new trends in the eyelash world, not many lash artists are familiar with these sets. That is why it's important to do some research before booking your next lash appointment.



                                      Which is Better: Classic, Volume, or Hybrid?

                                      Many newcomers to the lash world often ask their professional lash technicians which extensions are better: Classic, Volume, or Hybrid. The simple answer is - it depends on the client's preference! 


                                      For natural sets that can fit a professional setting, the classic sets are the way to go. They will pigment and depths to the lash line without being too distracting. 


                                      Amazing, exciting, and captivating lashes can be achieved with volume lash sets. With diverse fan thicknesses, designing volume sets can be a lot of fun for both the lash artist and the client. 


                                      But if you want truly one-of-a-kind lash sets that mesmerize and dazzle, then we suggest going for the hybrid lashes. 


                                      What's The Difference Between Classic, Volume, and Hybrid Lashes?

                                      And that's the end of our informative and fun article! But before we go, let's sum up everything we've explored and finally answer the question: what is the difference between classic, volume, and hybrid lashes?


                                      Classic lashes are one-layered sets that are also the thickest in diameter. Along with their relatively low price, classic lash sets create very natural looking designs.


                                      Volume lashes are numerous lash extensions that are much more dramatic in appearance. Their designs range from 2D to 20D and can be a bit more expensive. 


                                      Hybrid lashes are a blend of classic and volume lashes. The hybrid technique can create unique designs and finishes, making them the most unique lash sets of them all. 


                                      And that is the end of our enlightening, and we hope fun, article all about the stunning types of lash extensions and the main differences of classic, volume, and hybrid lashes. Be sure to check out our lash supply store for all your lash supply needs!



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