Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes?

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes?

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes?

The most common question that clients ask when they come in for a new set is whether or not lash extensions will damage their natural lashes. As lash professionals, we know that with the proper application and quality product, lash extensions won't cause damage, but it's also up to us to address our client's concerns.


Below, we'll go over some common questions and concerns surrounding eyelash extensions as well as what mistakes you can avoid to keep your clients happy and their lashes healthy!


Will Eyelash Extensions Make Your Natural Lashes Fall Out?

We've all heard this question time and time again: do eyelash extensions make your natural lashes fall out? Nothing sounds worse than finally achieving long, luscious lashes only to see them fall out one by one. The reality, however, is that not only is this completely normal, but it happens whether you have eyelash extensions or not. 


The life cycle for our natural lashes is roughly 90 days. This includes three phrases, the last of which ends with the lash itself falling out when it's reached its optimum length. Once they fall out, a new one immediately takes its place and begins to grow. On average, we shed between three to five natural lashes a day, and most of the time we aren't even aware of when it's happening. 


Since extensions are applied individually to a natural lash, they should have no impact on our lashes' natural life cycle. Our lashes are continuously shedding, and as long as you are properly applying your client's lash extensions, the applied extension is shed along with the natural lash, and the cycle continues as usual. 


3 Reasons Why Eyelash Extensions Can Damage Your Natural Lashes

When applied correctly, eyelash extensions won't ruin your natural lashes. If a client says that lash extensions have ruined their natural lashes in the past, then it's more than likely they just had a bad experience. An inexperienced lash tech can make many mistakes that usually come down to improper application and using the wrong lash products. 


Reason #1: Glueing The Extension Too Close To The Lid


A common mistake that new and inexperienced lash techs often make is glueing the eyelash extension to the skin of the lash-line instead of the lash itself. When this happens, the glue lifts and takes the surrounding lashes along with it, damaging any new lash growth. This type of improper adhesive application creates the shape of a nailhead or disc and is obvious as it grows out. In addition to being uncomfortable, glueing the extension too close to the lid can cause contact dermatitis with the skin and cause painful irritation and inflammation for your clients.


Reason #2: Using The Wrong Lash Extensions 


Many clients seek a new full set of lashes to achieve a more dramatic look to their eyes. While this is certainly one of the advantages of lash extensions, it can do more harm than good if you apply too long or too thick of an extension. It's important to choose a length and thickness that fits with your client's natural lashes and creates a nice balance. If you apply a lash extension that weighs more than the natural lash, you run the risk of putting too much stress on the hair follicle and causing the lash to fall out before it's ready. 


Reason #3: Glueing The Extension To More Than One Lash 


Last (but certainly not least!) are stickies. A sticky is when the lash extension is glued together with two or more lashes, and it's a mistake that even the most experienced lash tech can still make. Besides the fact that they make the lashes look messy and clumped together, it's important to avoid stickies because when one of the natural lashes in the sticky is still in the process of growing, it will tug on the other lashes and pull them out before they're ready to be shed. If you continuously pull out your natural lashes like this, it can make them weak, brittle and damage the hair follicle itself.


Should You Give Your Natural Lashes A Break In Between Sessions?

We've all heard the saying that you should give your nails a break in between polishes to keep them healthy, so what about your lashes? As long as lash extensions are applied correctly, it's not necessary to take a break in between sets. Your natural lash cycle will continue, and your lashes will grow and shed as usual, taking your lash extensions along with them. 


Try Not To Rub Your Lashes! 

We can be our own worst enemy, many of us pull, tug, and pick at our eyelashes without even realizing it. It's especially easy to unintentionally pull on them when we're itching our eyes or removing our eye makeup. While this is easier said than done, it's important to avoid pulling and tugging since this can break down the adhesive holding the extensions in place and eventually pull out the lash entirely. 


Will Lash Extensions Make Your Natural Lashes Shorter?

Another big misconception about lash extensions is that they make your natural lashes shorter-—and while this isn't exactly true, it's not without merit. Eyelash extensions have no effect on the length of your natural lashes. However, if they were not applied correctly to begin with or you pull on them, they'll be more likely to fall out before they're ready, resulting in short, stubby lashes.


Don't Skip The Consultation

The client consultation is undoubtedly the most important part of any appointment, and unfortunately, it's also one of the things that many lash professionals gloss over. Whenever a new client comes in, take the time to do a thorough consultation. This gives you the opportunity to ask about their experience with eyelash extensions and listen to their questions, concerns, and any issues they may have had in the past. Be sure to ask your clients about any skin sensitivities or allergies they may have during their consultation. It's also just as important to check in with your regular clients to make sure they aren't experiencing any issues in between fills. 


Listening to your client's needs doesn't end after the consultation. During the appointment, pay attention to the comfort of your clients and encourage them to let you know along the way if they experience any pain, discomfort, or sensitivities. In the case of a new client, they may not even know they have a sensitivity or allergy to adhesives, and it's your responsibility as the professional to pay close attention to how they react to their new full set. 


Don't Skip The Aftercare, Either

In addition to giving your clients the best lashes of their life, it's just as important to give them the right aftercare to follow. Proper aftercare is non-negotiable for your clients if they want to get the optimal results in between fills and keep their natural lashes healthy!



What Happens If Lash Extensions Damage My Natural Lashes?

If you do find yourself in a situation where your natural lashes are damaged, there's good news: they will grow back! In the unfortunate event that a lash tech incorrectly applied lash extensions or you accidentally damaged them yourself, don't worry. Just like the hair everywhere else on our bodies, our natural lashes grow back, too. While it may take longer than you'd like, your natural lashes will be restored to their former glory in about six to eight weeks. 



While it may be obvious to us lash artists who know the ins and outs of this industry, remember to have patience with your clients when they ask you questions with what may seem like obvious answers. From the rumors circulating that lash extensions are harmful to the fact that many clients have had a less than stellar experience with extensions to begin with, it's natural that clients will be concerned about damaging their natural lashes.


As a lash tech, you want to be ready to answer any questions and concerns your client may have to reassure them that their natural lashes will not be harmed. It's up to you to set the record straight for lash professionals everywhere and keep them coming back for more! 




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