Eyelash Extension Tweezers

How To Clean Lash Tweezers

Step 1: Make sure there isn’t any adhesive on the tips of your tweezers. If there is, you can use a little bit of glue remover or acetone and it will come right off.

Step 2: Let your tweezer soak in Barbicide and water mixture for 10 minutes. (Mix ratios according to manufacturers instructions) 

Step 3: Wash tweezers in warm water and let them dry.

Step 4: Place tweezers back in a dry storage area.


How To Hold Lash Extension Tweezers

The best way to hold your eyelash tweezers is with 3 fingers, your thumb will be placed on the inside closest to you. Your index and middle finger will be placed on the outer side of the tweezers. (kind of like holding chopsticks) When picking up fans or creating fans you will be using your middle finger while your index and thumb are relaxed.


How To Find The Best Lash Tweezers

Finding the best tweezers will depend on what you're using them for. There are 3 kinds of tweezers specifically used for lash extensions.

1. Isolation Tweezers

2. Classic Tweezers

3. Volume Tweezers


How To Choose The Right Lash Tweezer

The difference between all of the tweezers mentioned above are the angles on the tweezer head. For isolation and classic tweezers, you can use straight tweezers or curved. When using curved tweezers for isolation, you simply want to flip the tweezers over for the tips to be faced down. This will help lock in your isolation and not lose your place.

Volume tweezers should have a 90-degree angle. This will help grab more finer lashes and keep them together as you pinch and fan out your volume lash.


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