Eyelash Extensions Styles

Eyelash extensions have been getting more and more popular among ladies of differing ages. This can be attributed to the convenience they provide and how there are different lash extension styles for every lady out there. The number of options for lash styles available can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you're new to it. No worries, as we've made this guide just for you!


In this guide, we will provide all the information you'll need regarding eyelash extension styles. Whether you've decided to jump into getting your first lash set or are planning to change your lash style, we've got you covered. We will help you decide what type of style, curl, and length you want when getting your lashes done. Let's get right into it!


What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are fibers that are semi-permanently attached to your natural eyelashes by using semi-permanent glue. This procedure is done by a certified or qualified beauty professional. The whole process is pain-free and very convenient. It is an easy way to transform your natural eyelashes, making them longer, darker, and look fuller overall.

Even though the materials used can vary from each brand, they have a few universally used building materials. They are made of mink, faux mink, synthetic, or silk fibers. They also come in a wide variety of lengths, curl patterns, and tints. It's incredible customizability and convenience are why it's very popular with ladies in today's fashion trends.


Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are Popular



The costs for lash extensions will depend on where you buy them from, the material, and the length of the product. You can expect excellent quality materials, precise lengths, and eyelash styles at our shop! Some lash brands will offer expensive product with cheap material, so make sure you buy quality products from a quality brand!

We highly recommend avoiding the cheaper products. Why? To prevent permanent or temporary damage to you and your clients natural lashes! Avoid buying products that are from an unreputable salon or online store. You should try and find affordable yet still high-quality lashes; this is where we can help!

Plenty of salons and their online stores conduct sales and give out coupons regularly. While this is okay, be on the lookout for "too good to be true" scammers with no reputation behind their brand.



Let's be honest, using various beauty products in your daily routine is very time-consuming. With a brand new set of lashes, you won't have to make the effort of making your lashes more dramatic every morning (or every Friday night).

Every woman wants to have elegant yet natural-looking lashes but doing so manually can be a pain. This is why they are trending these days, such a time saver!


Ease of Use

Another big reason why they are very popular among many women of any age is how convenient they are to wear everywhere and anywhere you go. Whether you want to look fabulous during summer vacation, or winter night dates, this beauty accessory can be used all throughout the year without a problem.  



They can be used by everyone, for every occasion. If you need a quick fix-up in your morning routine, or you need to attend a fancy social gathering, getting a lash set done will help you out. This is why they are the perfect beauty accessory for both special occasions and everyday use!


Boost Confidence

    Do you want to feel confident and look beautiful at the same time, without wearing much makeup? If you answered yes, then it may be time to setup an appointment for a full set! Achieve those gorgeous and elegant eyelashes easily without having to dent the bank account.



    Nobody wants to invest in a beauty product that doesn't last them. Not only are they quite affordable, compared to other beauty products, they are also very durable and will last you awhile! However, you still need to follow maintenance and aftercare instructions to ensure that they'll stay in optimal condition for a long time.     


    Which Length Best Suits Me?

    One of the most important factors of extension styles is length. Different people will need different lengths depending on their needs. If you wear glasses, a shorter lash would be better so that it won't interfere with your glasses, making them uncomfortable. People that don't wear glasses can opt for longer lashes.

    Glasses are the only thing you should consider. Try turning sideways while facing the mirror, then look at your eyes. Are your eyelids naturally puffier or are your eyes more protruded? If you have puffy eyes, then we recommend shorter lashes so that your eyes won't look even puffier.

    A great tip when choosing length is to tell your lash artist the longest lash you'd prefer. She will mix and match that preferred length with shorter ones to achieve a more natural look.  


    Different Eyelash Extension Styles

    Let's look at the different types of lash extension styles you can find. Learn more about each style and see if one catches your eye.


    Natural Extensions

    If you want a more natural look that's more similar to your natural eyelashes, you can opt for natural extensions. This lash style will keep your natural look with a tiny bit of extra volume and length.


    Doll Extensions

    Doll-style extensions are a great choice for various eye shapes, but they are the best choice for downturned or wide-set eyes. This lash style has longer lashes in the middle and shorter lashes near the corners to help your eyes look more open and larger.     


    Cat Eye Extensions

    As the name suggests, cat-eye extensions will give you a more cat eye-like appearance. This lash style has shorter lashes at the inner corners and becomes longer going to the outer corners of your eye. This helps your eyes look more cat-like, making them extend outwards.  


    Open Eye Extensions

    Open eye extensions are pretty similar to doll extensions. They both help make your eyes look bigger but in a different shape. The middle of the eye has longer lashes and come at a bit of a peak just right above the pupil.


    Colored Extensions

    Want to add more pizazz to your lashes? You can go for colored extensions for a different look. You can choose to add a subtle or more intense option to bring out your natural eye color even more.  


    Staggered Extensions

    Finally, we have staggered extensions. If you request this style, your lash artist will mix and match short and long lashes to help enhance your natural ones, making them fuller and denser. Most lash professionals will recommend this style if you have naturally thick eyelashes because it can look off when used in people with fine lashes. 


    Factors to Consider When Choosing Types of Lash Styles

    Your lash artist can help you pick the right style based on your situation and needs. This is why it is beneficial to come up with some ideas before you even visit the salon. 


    Here are some factors you should consider when choosing suitable styles for yourself.


    ● Determine whether you want a more glamorous or natural look

    ● If you wear glasses daily

    ● Whether you wear makeup daily

    ● You've compared the different sets and styles of lashes


    A good practice to do is to bring photo examples of the lash styles you like for your lash tech to use as reference. It's also good to check the lash techs social media before your appointment and take examples from their previous work.   


    Do's and Don'ts When Using Lash Extensions

    To further guide you in the right direction, we've come up with a list of do's and don'ts when using your new lashes. This list can be very helpful if you're new to this, but we hope it also helps those who are also more experienced with them!


    ● Do wash your face before an appointment.

    ● Do think about your preferred last extensions before going to your appointment.

    ● Do plan for refill appointments.

    ● Do tip your lash tech for a job well done!

    ● Do consider trying lash artistry for yourself if you're interested!


    ● Don't book an appointment with a lash professional without researching them beforehand. 

    ● Don't bail on your appointment or cancel last-minute. 

    ● Don't drink caffeine before the appointment.

    ● Don't put mascara on the extensions.

    ● Don't forget to ask about the maintenance and aftercare instructions for your lash extensions.


    We hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide for eyelash extension styles. We assure you that after you've experienced lash extensions, you'll be blown away by how much it enhances your beauty without much effort. We hope that you've learned something new about and considered getting a full set done. Remember to always research a lash location before booking your appointments!



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