All About Premade Lashes

All About Premade Lashes

All About Premade Lashes

Lash extension application is an art form, and lash technicians can either go for pre-made lash fans or hand-made lash extensions—or both. In this article, we will talk about pre-made lash fans and how they can be an excellent option for lash artist and their clients. We're also going to touch on some application tips and how to choose the best pre-made lash extensions that bring in fantastic results! Let's get straight into it.


What Are Premade Lash Fans

Premade lash fans are produced by an eyelash extension supplier and delivered to the artist, ready for their clients.


Lash fans have lots of perks. That's why more and more lash technicians are using them regularly. Let's talk about their advantages one by one:


Advantages of Using Premade Lashes

The following are some of the main benefits of using pre-made lashes:


  • Saves you time/less application time

Pre-made lashes enable a much faster application. Compared to handmade volume fans, which are made by hand, pre-made lashes are ready to be applied, so it saves the lash technician a ton of time.


Not only are they great for technicians, but many clients prefer them too, as not everyone has 2-3 hours to spare for eyelash extensions. Some places also don't have easy access to hand-made volume lashes, making pre-made fans a great and easy alternative.


  • Easy for beginners

Not all technicians are familiar with all volume approaches, making pre-made fans more doable and manageable. You can create various lash looks using lash fans, from hybrid to mega volume.


There's no intensive training required, and it's beneficial for newbie technicians who are just easing into the field. Once you feel more confident about your skill in creating handmade volume fans, you're free to move onto that and stick to the method that works best for you and your client.


  • It makes you more money

On top of mastering your craft, you also have to grow your business. Volume lashes are getting more and more popular everywhere, and you can't help all of the clients in your area if you only service 100% classic lashes.


Using pre-made fans enables you to accommodate more clients as it's less time-consuming, thereby increasing your income. Since pre-made lashes help you cut down the application time, you can accommodate more clients and optimize your business. 


  • Achieves the same look as creating fans

Pre-made fans result in perfect symmetrical fans and clean results. As long as you're using the right tools and techniques, your clients will love the outcome.


Here are some handy tips when using premade lash fans.

  • Choose one with the right thickness and weight for your client's natural lash. 
  • Please DO NOT use too much glue as it makes the fan's base go too thick.
  • DO NOT apply one volume fan on multiple natural lashes. 
  • Cluster lash extensions are NOT premade lashes. DO NOT use cluster lashes for professional eyelash extensions.


Premade Fans vs Handmade Fans: Which Is Better?

A lash artist creates handmade fans by hand. It's also called true volume lashing. Creating volume lashes by hand enables the technician to get creative, and the artist has complete control of the length, diameter, and weight that suits the clients' needs. Handmade fans produce great results but can be very time-consuming and take skill, practice, and concentration.


There is no right or wrong way in terms of lash artistry. Some technicians prefer the handmade method to gain complete control. At the same time, some find premade fans amazing as they can still get great results while saving time and effort and increasing the opportunity to help more clients.


Some lash technicians even decide to use both premade and handmade lashes. The best way to know which works best for you is to go and explore both.


Are Premade Fans Safe For Eyelashes?

Yes, most definitely. As long as they're applied correctly, nothing could go wrong. Damage will only happen if they're applied too close to the skin, using too much adhesive, applied with incorrect isolation, or without considering the client's lash condition.


Work with professional lash technicians. Avoid applying them on yourself at home as the eyelash extension glue can be dangerous, you're going to deal with sharp tweezers, and you'll never know what the results will be. If you want safe and pretty eyelash extensions, always work with trained and experienced lash professionals.


How Are Premade Fans Made?

The process of making pre-made fans is similar to the process of creating handmade volume fans. Humans are still involved, but with the assistance of a machine.


Usually, a whole row of thin PBT threads is laid out on a lash tray. The roots of the threads will then be attached via a small amount of adhesive or heat-bonded.


Once the root adhesion is done, the threads will then be rolled into the required curl and heat-processed to preserve the curl.


After that, the factory lash makers will transfer the target amount of thread to the strip and open the fans up by hand, just like how it works at the last studio.


The completed fans are nicely attached to strips of adhesive with many rows of the other pre-made fans, and they'll be shipped out and delivered on a tray.


How To Choose The Best Lash Extension Style For Premades

Before buying premade volume fans, determine the style you'd like to create or the styles your clients usually prefer. Be it a defined eyeliner volume look or some fluffy, wispy lashes. There are various options available to make the volume style you're looking for.

The following are popular lash extension styles for premades: 


Very natural volume lashes (2D, 3D Short-stem fans)

For a natural volume style, use short-stem premade lashes with fewer lash extensions such as Volume 2D or 3D.


Fluffy volume lashes (4D, 5D, 6D Short-stem fans)

Choose more comprehensive volume lash fans such as Volume 4D, 5D, and 6D for a fluffy volume lash look.


Dramatic Mega volume lashes (10D, 20D Short-stem fans)

The mega volume look requires 10D up to 20D of 0.03-0.05 super fine thickness fans. This option used to be available only for handmade lashes, but now you can well create it using pre-made fans.


Eyeliner effect volume lashes (3D, 5D Long-stem fans)

With a gorgeous set of volume lashes, one can easily create a defining and beautiful eyeliner effect. The long-stem fan can instantly pull off that eyeliner effect in no time.


Feathery effect volume lashes (5D Mixed length fans)

For that wispy, feathery look, 5D can help achieve a more natural, voluminous look.

The best eyelash extension fans have that thin, easy-to-adhere base and multiple lash lengths. Know your clients and what they want and maximize the power and ease pre-made fans bring about.


Glue-bonded Fans Vs. Heat-bonded fans

People debate on which is better—heat-bonded lash fans or glue-bonded fans. The quick answer: it depends on the production quality.


The glue-bonded fans are usually blamed as they're double-dipped in glue which brings that added weight on the lashes. However, the adhesive used to pre-bond a lash fan only accounts for a micro milligram to the weight, which doesn't affect the natural lashes' health.


Heat-bonded lash fans are created using a double-heated approach. Before heating, the lash extensions will be laid out in a row, with the base of the lashes heat-pressed to melt a little and allow the lashes to attach. Heat-bonded fans have no extra weight but have some cons too. Double heating may cause an irregular curl shape.


There are many types of premade fans, and it is crucial to choose the right supplier that can consistently offer the quality and styles you and your clients are going for. That's why we recommend our volume lash fans. They are a great way to reduce lash time (which means more clients in one day) and still get excellent results!


Final Thoughts

Always remember: it's not about you; it's about your clients. Making clients happy is our priority as lash technicians. You may have been taught the 'correct way of doing lash applications". But if your customer is adamant about having a fuller, faster, more natural, or safer lash application, you need to give them the proper treatment that works best for them.


On top of thinking about the clients, you also have to think about yourself. In any industry, time is money, and pre-made lashes help you save both.


Also, if you choose to use pre-made lash fans, that does not make you a less skilled lash technician. You still do what you do with tender care and skill—from cleaning to perming to styling and application. You still understand the entire art of volume lashing, and pre-made lash fans exist not to degrade your craft but to develop and harness it for better service and better business.



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