Abanicos fáciles

Crear abanicos de volumen para los artistas de pestañas que recién comienzan puede ser un desafío. Los abanicos hechos a mano pueden ser difíciles de perfeccionar, pero con nuestras sencillas pestañas en abanico, ¡la técnica se simplifica! Nuestras pestañas ayudan a desplegar las pestañas de manera uniforme y crear el volumen deseado. ¡Empiece a perfeccionar su arte de las pestañas hoy!

Pestañas de abanico fáciles

Jolynn Lashes

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What are Easy Fan Lashes?

Easy fan lashes are designed for lash technicians that are new to making volume fans. Our easy fanning lash trays enables you to craft faster, saving you time. What makes them different than volume eyelash extensions is that they are made up of two layers in one line. Giving a more natural soft texture. Attached by a small amount of adhesive at their base. Easy fan lashes will assure you complete a volume set in record time.


Volume fans are one of the most challenging tasks for lash tech beginners. As you start your lash journey, you will come across many clients who would like a volume set done on their lashes, so it is critical you learn this skill quickly. Using our easy fans will help you make fans without the lengthy time and struggle.


How to create Easy Fan Lashes

  1. Use lash tweezers to gently pick up bundle of lashes.
  2. Place the lash fan back on the adhesive strip.
  3. Gently press down on the base and wiggle left to right to create your fan.
  4. Pick up the fan from the mid-section and apply to an individual lash.